About me

I write stories about art and culture, about beauty and imagination as an independent journalist from a great intrinsic motivation. These are articles, interviews, reviews and books.
I am convinced that culture can make life so much more beautiful and deeper, even if it chafes and confronts,
My stories are about performances, festivals and works of art, but even more about the people behind them. What moves them, what do they want to tell us?

Site-specific Theatre
I was trained as a teacher of Dutch language and graduated in street theater and site-specific theatre. For that research I traveled for a year through the Netherlands and Belgium to see performances and to meet artists.
In high school I had already immersed myself in cabaret and comedy. During my studies as a teacher, I laid the foundation for my extensive network in the performing arts. In that period also grew my personal drive.

In the years after my education, now working as a journalist, I have enthusiastically expanded and broadened my knowledge and experience. Art in the open air continues to fascinate me, because it is close to the people, but I have deepened my expertise. Nowadays I am specialised  in contemporary dance, theatre, location theater and contemporary circus. I wrote a book about contemporary circus and I am working on a book about dance. A few years ago I  made a biography about a Dutch singer-songwriter.

Workshops dance critics

I also  teach (young) writers and journalists to write about art. For that I have developed workshops about writing dance reviews. I give these courses for example on an dancefestival in Lublin, a Polish city. I have made programs about writing about dance, about dance in the UK, dance in  Germany, dance in Holland and Belgium, dance in Israël and Afro-American Dance. When you want more information about the workshops, just sent me a mail.

This is the opinion of Karolina, one of my students, about the workshops:

'Thanks to the workshops, we are inspired to continue to work as critics. We got to know different ways of describing dance, expanded our horizons and enriched our knowledge in a theoretical as well a practical way.'

Youth books

Something completely different: in my spare time I write youth books.